The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So you’re into Harry Potter? REAL ORIGINAL! But really, how could you not? If tales of magic, bald villains, and friendship don’t excite you then, well, maybe you should reevaluate your life choices. But whether you’ve been around since before the movies or just put the last book down for the first time, here are some things to help you delve a little deeper into the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

  1. Harry Potter Hardcover Limited Edition Boxed Set

Harry Potter Hardcover Limited Edition Boxed Set: All 7 Books in Chest

You can’t be an official Harry Potter super fan without going all out on a book set, and this is the head honcho of Harry Potter book sets. All 7, glorious books in hardcover placed in a limited edition box set. 

2. Harry Potter Crossbody Bag

Loungefly Harry Potter Patronus AOP Crossbody Bag

Keep your wand tucked away in this charming (see what I did there?), Harry Potter inspired crossbody bag. EXPECTO PATRONUM.

3. Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer

Harry Potter Magic Photo Printer

Photos that actually move! Print photos and videos from your phone then watch in awe as they come to life like magic with the free app for iPhone or Android. Record and share your moving photos on Instagram to wow your friends.

4. Engraved Wooden Spoon

Engraved Harry Potter Wooden Spoons

Stir up your cauldron with engraved Harry Potter wooden spoons.

4. Heat Reveal Mug

Marauder’s Map Heat Reveal Tall Ceramic Mug

If you’re going to have one Harry Potter item, it should include the infamous Marauder’s Map. Bring some magic into your morning routine with this heat reveal mug and watch it reveal its secrets as you pour some coffee in. Mischief managed! 

5. Wizard Chess Set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

It’s not barbaric, it’s wizard chess! Release your inner Queen’s Gambit with this Harry Potter chess set.

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