7 Lord of the Rings Items to Protect Your Virginity

  1. Arwen Evenstar Necklace

Lord of the Rings Arwen Evenstar Necklace,925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace w/ 5A Cubic Zirconia

Out of all the Lord of the Rings item you can buy, this might be the coolest for the true Tolkien nerd. Whether you’re a girl or a bro, this Arwen Evenstar necklace is ethereal and wearable with a lot of things. I personally own this and have gotten compliments from people that have no idea what the heck Lord of Rings is. They just thought it looked cool and shiny. 

2. Six-Film Collection

Middle Earth Six-Film Collection: Theatrical Versions

I don’t care how many streaming apps are pumped into existence, there’s nothing like having physical copies of movies to watch whenever the heck you feel like it. There’s nothing quite like watching Lord of the Rings on a gloomy, rainy day and having all 6 for less than $40 in Blu-Ray is a steal.

3. Lord of the Rings Monopoly

Hasbro Games Monopoly: The Lord of The Rings Edition Board Game (Amazon Exclusive)

If you’re going to be bored out of your mind from how long a Monopoly game is, you might as be bored out of your mind with LOTR themed properties. Ever wanted to simply walk into Mordor? WELL NOW YOU CAN—with this Monopoly set. 

4. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Lord of The Rings 1000 Pieces Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

It wouldn’t be a cool LOTR puzzle unless it was wooden so this puzzle is amongst my favorites! Plus, it’s 1,000 pieces which means you’ll get your money’s worthy. It should take at least 2-3 weeks to finish—that is, assuming you have some type of life. The fact that you’re perusing this list might tell me otherwise. 

5. Map of Mordor Beer Glass

MAP of MORDOR Pint Glass

If you’re going to get drunk, might as well do it in style with this handmade map of Mordor pint glass. It’s custom etched and you can even get a variety of LOTR designs! 

6. Hobbiton and Rivendell Tea Towel

Rivendell & Hobbiton 2PK Tea Towels

I love these tea towels because they satiate your inner nerd with style since they’re printed with retro, illustrations inspired by Rivendell and Hobbiton. Keep them in your kitchen or your bathroom for decoration.

7. Middle Earth Map Blanket

Middle Earth Map Throw Blanket Ultra Soft Velvet Blanket

The formula to end your virginity streak is as follows: 6 pack movie collection + a pint of beer using the above pint glass + this blanket = a cozy ass night and getting (it). 

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