5 Roller Skates to Get You Groovin’

Endless Instagram Reels and TikToks later, a lot of us have given in to the recent roller skating trend. So much so that many roller skate brands and local shops ran out of stock for months on end. Luckily, as factories resume normal operations and USPS starts to get a handle of itself, it’s now slightly easier than it has been this past year to get your hands on everything from wheels to multi-tools and skates themselves. If you’re just jumping into purchasing some skates, but are quite overwhelmed with your choices, below is a list to weed out the bad and the ugly.

First and foremost, one brand that I’d recommend staying away from is Impala! These skates might be good enough for light wear and short-term use, but will not be worth the investment in the end. I can’t tell you how many disappointed friends and redditors I’ve seen this past year who purchased cute Impalas only to have them break less than 6 months into use. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s some brands and models to get you started on your research to get rolling:

  1. Riedell Citizen Skates

Riedell Citizen Roller Skates

I’ll recommend this brand first because they seem to be underrated amongst new roller skaters, at least it was to me! This brand has been around for a long time and are the same manufacturers that make Moxis, so you know they’re putting out great stuff! They are also a go-to brand for roller skate rinks to mass purchase the skates they rent out. That’s how you know it’s some heavy duty stuff! They’re also cheaper than a lot of trendy brands. As beautiful as Moxi skates are, some of it is just paying for the brand. I’d opt for the “Citizen Skate” pictured above or the “Zone Roller Skate” if you’re wanting to splurge a little.

2. Moxi Lolly

Moxi Skates – Lolly – Quad Roller Skate

The overall cutest skate on the market, at least in my opinion, is the Moxi Lolly. They come in a variety of colors and are made by Riedell, so you know they’re good quality! I personally upgraded to a pair of these in Clementine and absolutely love the fit. Fair warning though, these are more appropriate for general cruising, outdoor, as well as indoor use. If you plan to be a very heavy park skater, it might be worth checking out their Jack Boot, which is specifically made with the skate park in mind, and is even made of all vegan materials!

3. Sure-Grip Fame Skates

Sure-Grip White Fame Roller Skate

These are beautiful white skates and a fantastic all-around outdoor skate for anyone trying to learn or for an experienced skater who wants a more sturdy boot. You can grab these on some online roller shops but are even cheaper via Amazon if you’re choosing to opt for the classic white boot! 

4. Moxi Beach Bunny

Moxi Skates – Beach Bunny – Roller Skates

This skate should be mentioned because it’s a great overall skate for beginners. Although it might not be as comfortable as the Lolly, it’s a cheaper option that’ll get you skating out in the wild. Switch up the wheels to alternate between outdoor, indoor, or even park skating! 

5. Moonlight Roller Skate’s The Moon Boot

The Moon Boot

Skates, but make them goth. These roller skates have been grabbing rave reviews amongst the skate community and are worth adding to your list of possibilities. They come in muted colors and are made of high-quality materials. Choose the classic gray or select a variety of colors from amethyst to emerald.

If I were starting my research all over again to land on the perfect skates, these would definitely be my top 5. Do you already own skates? What did you purchase? If you don’t, what will you be purchasing? Let me know in the comments below and then message me if you’re in Texas for a roller skate session.

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