10 Products To Become A Friends Super Fan!

The Friends cast reunited on HBO Max this summer. You might think that you have officially missed your last chance to join this fandom, but I say its the perfect time! You officially have all of the episodes waiting for you and you didn’t have to wait years and years for the reunion. These products will guarantee that you become a Friends super-fan the right way, and the best part is that at the end of your journey you’ll be singing Smelly Cat with Phoebe and Lady Gaga! ❤

1. Friends – The Complete Series

Friends: The Complete Series Collection (25th Anniversary/Repackaged/DVD)

The first step in your journey is to watch every episode. Friends has stayed relevant in pop culture long after the last episode aired on May 2004. You’ll see how this show inspired so much of what we see in today’s magazines and entertainment media. Plus we already know that you’re going to want to buy the complete series after you finish so that you can show all of the future generations how great Friends is! Also, if your internet ever goes out, you know your Friends are just one disc away. In the immortal words of Joey, “You can’t just give up. Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

2. Friends Socks

Hyp Friends TV Show Designs Juniors/Womens 5 Pack Ankle Socks

The best way to both stay cozy and learn about the fandom is through socks (duh!). Not only will these socks keep warm and hug your feet but they are great cheat sheets of learning more about this amazing sitcom. You’ll be able to invite your friends over and talk about the show, no problem, as long as you wear these socks. If your Friends are talking about their favorite quote, just look down and see ‘Pivot!’, a Ross quote that is used every time furniture is being moved around the world. You’ll never forget the name of the hangout spot with the ‘Central Perk’ socks. Of course every time you see a cat and guitar in the same image you’ll instantly remember ‘Smelly Cat’.

3. Central Perk Lego Set

LEGO Ideas 21319 Central Perk Building Kit (1,070 Pieces)

By now you should know all about Friends and the world they live in. Second to only the apartments, Central Perk is the coffee shop that we all dream to visit and sit on the iconic couch. While you may not be able to go to Central Perk, you can definitely bring it to you! You’ll probably also become a huge LEGO fan after you complete this set. It’s the most therapeutic experience you’ll have and will brighten any room you display it in.

4. The Unofficial Friends Crossword Puzzles

The Unofficial Friends Crossword Puzzles (Friends TV Show Word Puzzle Books)

This is probably one of the coolest items that will help you become a Friends super-fan. You can complete each puzzle as you watch each episode or test your knowledge after you watch the last episode. Our recommendation is to complete this puzzle when you start re-watching the episodes! What we love about this book is that each puzzle is based on a specific episode. You can also reference which season and episode number in the table of contents. If you get stumped, Phoebe would tell you to just ‘dig a little deeper’.

5. Friends Gifts Box

107 PCS Friends TV Show Fans Merchandise Gifts Box for Friends Fans Birthday Housewarming Wedding Gift Idea Canvas Bag,Posters,Stickers,Keychain,Socks,Brooch,Badge

“Well, maybe I don’t need your money. Wait, wait, I said maybe!” If Rachel’s words resonate with you, this Amazon product is the one for you! You’ll get 107 products for only 35 bucks. Yes, a lot of them are stickers but the stickers are pretty cool and you’ll be able to transfer anything in your house into something that Joey would be proud of. It also has a great pair of socks and a Crap Bag. I was sold on Crap Bag, but I thought you might need more convincing.

6. Friends Grocery Tote Bag

Brital Friends Grocery Tote Bag Yellow Frame Peephole Friends TV Show Merchandise Kitchen Grocery Reusable Bag Shopping Cotton Washable Tote Bags Beige

Oh. My. God. a Friends tote bag! Even Janice will ignore Chandler for this tote bag. The detail of the design on this bag is amazing. You’ll be able to instantly show everyone at the grocery store how much a fan you are with this amazing tote bag. To the untrained eye, its a beautiful tote bag. To the trained eye, this its the BEST tote bag.

7. The Frame Peephole

Friends Tv Show Merchandise Frame Peephole Door Frame Strong Resin Artisan Crafted

The Frame Peephole, it sounds weird but we all wanted this growing up. It is a genius piece of design that will brighten and add personality to any door. If you don’t want to use it on a door, you literally have an infinite amount of options to use it for. You’ll feel like you’re living in 90s/2000s New York every time someone rings your doorbell.

8. Central Perk Lip Balm

Central Perk Lip Balm – Set of 3 Flavored Chapsticks – Officially Licensed Friends TV Show Merchandise

We all wish we could start our day with a Central Perk to-go cup on our hands. While that might not be readily available, you can sport a smaller Central Perk cup that is actually a lip balm. You’ll be able to taste this three pack that come in two delicious flavors; vanilla and strawberry. They make the perfect gift and are also super cute!

9. Central Perk Insulated Travel Tumbler & Lid

Tervis Warner Brothers – Friends Central Perk Insulated Travel Tumbler & Lid, 16 oz, Clear

Closer to the real thing, this Central Perk tumbler has a great design that looks like it was pulled right out of the screen. While Gunther didn’t prepare this coffee for you, we can definitely pretend that he did! If this one isn’t the one for you, there are so many Central Perk mugs you’ll surely find the right one with just a quick search.

10. Friends Door Pool Float Lounger

Friends Door Pool Float Lounger – Officially Licensed Friends TV Show Merchandise

It’s summer and the best way to join the Friends fandom is with a pool float lounger. This lounger is in the shape of the iconic door that welcomed so many iconic characters and actors. It was hard to see the final episode knowing that the door won’t welcome back anymore friends but this door lounger will create amazing memories for you! ❤

11. Nestle Toll House

Nestle Toll House Espresso Baking Chip Morsels Bulk Pack of 6 Bags – 9 oz Per Bag – 54 oz Total – Made with Real Coffee

Now that you’re a super-fan, you’ll get this joke. 🙂

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