10 Steps Away to a Happy 4th of July!

Fourth of July is coming up and we have everything ready for you to have a spectacular time. Everyone is invited and thanks to Impossible, even the vegans can come! We missed out on 2020s 4th of July but we can definitely have one this year that is worth two. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to have host the best 4th of July you’ve ever had.

  1. Funny Videos

You’re going to want to be able to have funny 4th of July videos in your back-pocket in order to host the best party. The Fourth of July Interpretive Dance is an iconic video that will bring out the best laughs in any situation. We love the hard work that Bompatiboo put in this video, and will always celebrate it ‘carefully and wisely’. ❤

2. The Shoes

Crocs Classic American Flag Clog

Fourth of July is most often spent in cookouts, which require standing around for longs periods of time. The best way to make it through the entire day without your feet aching is with a pair of fashionable and comfortable Crocs. We know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that Crocs are so unfashionable BUT that only tells me that you haven’t worn Crocs. Trust us, you’ll be a trend setter in your family and within a week all of your friends will own their very own pair.

3. The Fanny Pack

Sojourner American Flag Fanny Pack – USA Packs, 4th of July, Stars and Stripes, Red White, and Blue Eagle Waist Bag Belt Bags Bumbag

There are a lot of things that you’ll want to take with you on your Fourth of July event. What is the best way to carry them? In an American Flag (duh!). You’ll want to carry condiments, cards, little flags, and anything else to keep the party going. Fourth of July is about camp, and you’ll fit right in with your American Flag Crocs and your American Fanny Pack.

4. Independence for everyone

Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts

We can’t celebrate Fourth of July without remembering and paying tribute to all of the groups of people who have had to work longer and harder for their freedom. Even today, not every American enjoys the same level of freedom. The best way to celebrate Fourth of July is to bring awareness to these stories and and remember hard work that continued (and continues) long after the July 4, 1776.

5. Furry Friends are also Invited!

16 Pieces Patriotic Dog Bandana Independence Day Adjustable Pet Bow Ties Collar 4th of July Pet Necktie American Flag Triangle Bib Scarfs Washable Pet Star and Stripe Kerchief for Pets Wearing

Pets are always welcome at Fourth of July parties! If your friends do decide to bring their fur-babies, you’ll want to be prepared so that those puppies and kitties feel as welcome as possible. Let’s face it, these are the most important guests your party will have! So you need to do your best to win them over so that they will come back for your next event.

6. Water Fight!

Scientoy Water Gun, 8 PCS Pool Toys,16″-24.8″ Squirt Gun for Kids with 35FT Long Shot Water Cannon for Adults&Kids&Boys&Girls, Blaster Foam Shooter Set Pool Toys in Summer Swimming Pool&Beach

A water fight is sure to come during your Fourth of July party. Your smart guests will come prepared with their own water balloons and water guns. Your less prepared guests will need some help, so make sure you’re ready! These water gun tube things are a quick and cheap way to make sure that everyone is having a great time!

7. Bring your Own Condiments

Kosher Travel Condiment Bundle of 6 Miniature Glass Jars: Heinz Ketchup 2.25 oz, Heinz Dijon Mustard 2 oz, Heinz Mayonnaise 1.8 oz, A1 Steak Sauce 2 oz, Nutella .88 oz, Tabasco Sauce .125 oz

Let’s face it, no one can cook like you can and no one is as prepared as you are. So just in case you’re making your way to a Fourth of July party, make sure you bring some travel sized condiments. You’ll be able to fix any burger or hot dog with your unique combination of Tabasco and Ketchup (they also fit great in the fanny pack). You’ll also be able to save any party that runs low these staples, not for too long but maybe for a few more burgers.

8. Fourth of July Piñata

4th of July Pinata

We feel like a Piñata is appropriate for any party! It is the perfect activity for any party where the guests take turns showing their strength. Plus, Piñata are known for making the funniest party videos. You’ll want to make sure keep your cameras on and the kids away because you’re guaranteed to capture some hilarious footage of friends trying to whack this piñata. In case you don’t know, make sure you blind fold your guest, spin them around as many times as humanly possible, and then orient them towards the piñata and HAVE FUN!

9. Patriotic Temporary Tattoos

4th of July Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos truly are a great hack. They are the awesome because they are perfect for both kids and adult. If you couldn’t afford the face paint, no worries! Temporary tattoos are better than a face painter because 1) they are faster 2) they will come out perfect each time 3) you can put them anywhere! Just make sure you order a few sheets because you’ll probably want to finally see what you’ll look like with a patriotic tattoo sleeve.

10. Inflatable Serving Bar

Patriotic Inflatable Serving Bar

The worst thing about getting your drink at a party is having to dig through ice and awful beverage to get to your preferred thirst quencher. It is honestly the worst thing in the world, and for that reason alone, I don’t go to many parties. I know I am not the only one, so in order to make sure that everyone goes to your party, use this inflatable serving bar. All of your drinks will be fully accessible to your guests and that’s what is most important.

11. You did it!

Duck Pool Float

You did it! You had the perfect Fourth of July. You greeted your guests and you were able to reference the best Fourth of July viral video. They complimented your American Crocs and Fanny Pack. You took the time to acknowledge that the road to independence continues for groups of people and what has been achieved has been hard fought. All the furry friends love you, you were the flavor savior, you filmed funny piñata videos, your friend’s bodies are covered in tattoos, and all the drinks were accessible. Now its time to relax. Grab your duck floaty, go float in your pool and wave goodbye to your guests as they wonder how you came up with the greatest Fourth of July! ❤

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