Hot Goth Summer: Some Necessities

Winter is a more forgiving season. Dark, dreary days that are likely to cure that seasonal depression of yours and allow for all the cute clothes in your closet. But you can still have the hottest of goth summers, provided you’re doing the damn thing right.


1. Lace Umbrella

Vintage Lace Umbrella (Black)

Here’s a life hack to keep you from sweating your balls (literal or metaphorical) off this summer: buy a black umbrella! As they all keep telling you, black clothes absorbs heat! A black umbrella above you will absorb the heat coming directly onto you, keeping you a couple of degrees cooler underneath. Plus, isn’t is super cute?

2. Cute, High-Waisted Shorts

Stretchy Denim High Waisted Shorts

It’s summer. No one needs you making a soup out of your own unmentionables by continuing to wear pants. Swap them out for some cute, high waisted denim shorts to keep that booty looking cute-y.

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses
High Point Squared Half Rim Look Cat Eye Sunglasses

Your future’s so bright, you need to wear sunglasses. Match your aesthetic with some simple, cat eye sunglasses. Eye contact be gone and bad bitch mode activated.

4. Crop Tops

Hollow Out Crop Top

Needed something to match those cute, high waisted denim shorts? Get yourself this fishnet crop top with just enough fabric to legally walk around and stay fresh AF.

5. Leather Satchel

Messenger Laptop Bag Vegan Leather Satchel

Uhm, you’re gonna need an adventure tote for all of your summer quick trips. Let this be it. Pair it with dresses, shorts, skirts, and anything in-between. Heck, rock a kilt with it too.

6. Creeper Sandals

Dr. Martens Women’s Blaire Fisherman Sandal

Let your feet soak up some sun too with Dr. Marten’s platform sandals that will match any outfit you’re opting for this summer. Go off roading with these puppies or simply use them on a walk to your daily coffee spot.

7. Cocktail Dress

1950’s Cloak Two-Piece Cocktail Dress

Remove the second piece during the summer and then put it back on with some tights during the winter. Some might say this is an investment piece. An add on to your little black dress.

8. Picnic Blanket

Sand-proof Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket(Black)

This picnic blanket reminds me of Beetlejuice. Hang out in the sand, the grass, or whatever turf floats your boat with this water-resistant picnic blanket.

9. Black Tumbler

Matte Black Tumbler with Straw 16oz

You’re going to need something to store all of that tequila on the rocks in. Get yourself this matte black tumbler and hit the mall (no one will know).

10. Retro Swimsuit

White Stripe High Waisted Bikini Vintage Bathing Suit

And lastly, for when it’s time to strip everything away, this retro swimsuit is the way to go. It offers a supportive top and some high waisted shorts to let you live up your hot goth summer to the max.

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