Find your Ninja Way with these 10 Ninja Tools!

Naruto one of the most recognizable anime’s and has an enormous fanbase. You might not be too familiar with this anime but in summary: (1) We fight for our Ninja Way (2) We LOVE Jiraiya Sensei (3) We have a love hate relationship with the ‘filler’ episodes. Naruto tells the story of a young boy who is misunderstood by his village because they fear the Nine Tailed Fox that is sealed within him. Naruto is able find a group of friends that understand him and through Naruto’s own Ninja Way, he is able to receive the love and acceptance of his entire Ninja World. Naruto’s Ninja Way is to ‘not run away and never go back on his word!’ The journey of Naruto is filled with laughter, tears, and jutsus. You’ll become a Jonin level ninja after you complete this starter pack.

1. Naruto, Vol. 1: Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto, Vol. 1: Uzumaki Naruto

The first step in your ninja journey has got to be the manga. The manga is perfect because the illustrations are beautiful, the writing is amazing and you won’t have to deal with those pesky fillers. Don’t get us wrong, watching the anime is a MUST (I re-watch it all the time) but to own Naruto’s main story in manga style is definitely the way to go. You’re also going to find yourself redrawing pages from the manga, it must be a Genjutsu that the manga casts.

2. Naruto Ceramic Ramen Bowl

Ceramic Ramen Bowl Naruto 2 Chopstick And 1 Cover for Udon

One of the first locations that you will visit in your Hidden Leaf Village Journey is the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. It is Naruto’s favorite place to eat and other Ninja in the Village love it too. You’ll understand why this is Naruto’s favorite place to eat as soon as you see Teuchi’s famous ramen appear on the pages of your manga (or on screen). While you can try out Ichiraku Ramen if you are ever in Fukuoka, Japan, it might be best for you to recreate the experience with a YouTube tutorial and ordering the bowl.

3. Naruto Movies Triple Feature

Naruto Movies Triple Feature

Naruto movies are an absolute must when getting to know this fandom. It is also the best way to see brand new jutsu and to explore new lands. Fans have a love hate relationship with the movies, but you still HAVE to watch them. A critique is that they follow a similar template and that all of the world building does not generally carry over into the main story. I definitely agree with those opinions BUT I still love them. I mean, who doesn’t want to see the Rainbow Rasengan??

4. Gaara’s Gourd

Great Eastern Animation Naruto GE-5456 Gaara’s Gourd Special Backpack Bag

Now that you have read the manga, seen the episodes, and loved/hated the movies… IT’S TIME TO COSPLAY! What is cosplaying? It’s just dressing up as your favorite character from any book, movie, television show or video game. Naruto fans love to cosplay. The best way to get started is to buy a cosplay product that can be used both in cosplay and in regular life. Gaara’s Gourd is perfect because of that. Use it as a backpack or duffle bag and when you feel extra powerful, use it to finish off your Gaara cosplay. We will be proud ❤

5. Naruto Sun Shade

Bhuokng Anime Naruto Car Windshield Sun Shade Universal Fit Car Sunshade-Keep Your Vehicle Cool. Uv Sun and Heat Reflector

The characters in Naruto are amazing and they are each unique. As a fan, you will be inspired by each of their stories and journey. It will be difficult to not think of these characters as friends or real people. What better way to show your love for these fantastic characters than by taking them with you everywhere? We have the original team 7 featured in this sun shade and of course, the one and only, Hinata!

6. Naruto Frog Wallet

Kcikn Cute Green Plush Frog Coin Purse, Frog Coin Wallets,Frog Money Pouch with Lock for Headset Key Credit Card Holder Novelty Toy Gift

After watching Naruto, there a few things that you will know for certain. One of the main things is that Naruto has excellent taste! As soon as you see Naruto pull out his cute frog wallet, you’re going to wonder where you can buy it. Just make sure you’re wallet stays a little more full than Naruto’s.

7. Naruto Funko Pop! Collection

Funko Pop! Naruto Set of 5: Naruto 6Path Sage, Minato Namikaze, Kabuto Yakushi, Shikamaru Nara and Pain

Funko Pop! has a Funko for just about everything. One of the best collections is definitely the Naruto one. What makes this collection spectacular is the amount of action that is captured within each figure. You’ll feel like you are watching a still of a scene every time you take a look at these figures. I almost want to get out of the way from Shikamaru’s Shadow Stitching Jutsu.

8. Naruto Sleeping Cap

Great Eastern Entertainment Naruto Sleeping Cap,Black

Once again, Naruto has proven to have excellent taste. You’ll want his wallet, his jacket, but probably more than anything, you’ll want his night cap. Naruto never goes to sleep without it and you should not either. You’ll be the ultimate fan when you end your day, you cook up some delicious ramen in your ramen bowl, put on your favorite Naruto movie and finish your P.J look with Naurto’s iconic sleeping cap.

9. Naruto Monopoly

Monopoly Naruto | Collectible Monopoly Game Featuring Japanese Manga Series | Familiar Locations and Iconic Moments from The Anime Show

Now that you’re officially a part of the fandom, you should feel completely comfortable by sharing your favorite fights, characters, and jutsu with your friends. The best way to show your friends what a huge Naruto fan you are? Invite them to a Naruto Monopoly night! It’s the best way to talk about the characters and the show without watching the show. Just make sure you buy your favorite team before your friends do!

10. Naruto Gift Set

Leaf Village Headband With 2 Pack Kunai

The headband marks the beginning of every Ninja’s journey. So it’s time you got yours! This set will not only give you your headband but you’ll also get Kunai and stickers! If you’re not a part of Hidden Leaf Village, no worries. You can pretty much find any Naruto headband on Amazon, even if you are *gasps* Akatsuki. Now, go forth! Sign up for your missions, make great friends, and fight for your Ninja Way.

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