All Stars 6: Why Second Chances Really are Paramount!

It’s All Stars season and we get to revisit our favorite queens. The best part of All Stars is not necessarily watching the queens compete, but to be able to celebrate all of the work that they have accomplished. Mother Ru gives so many members of the LGBTQIA+ community a platform and these queens use that platform to change the world and launch careers that also give platforms to our fellow community members. So now let’s celebrate all of the work these 13 Queens have accomplished!

1. Music

Chub Love (feat. Jiggly Caliente & CeeJay)

All of our queens are music legends. It is almost an unspoken rule that any queen that goes to compete must have at least one single ready by the end of the season. Yes, some of the queens can’t ‘find the note’ but we honestly live for each and every single. Some queens give us such quality music that it seems that they are most known for their music rather than being a Drag Queen.

2. Awareness


Our All Stars truly change the world. They change the world in more ways than one and in more ways than we know. Two of All Star 6 Queens actually have a talk series where they discuss various topics including politics and dating as they relate to their trans identities. Sign me up! It is important for us to get to know our own members in the community so that we may better support them. Also! The more we support our fellow queens, the more our stories will be heard by people outside of communities.

3. Changing Lives

We’re Here: Hello America

Our All Stars know what it is like to struggle. They know what it is like for people to see the outside and think they know everything about the inside. One of the best television shows that our queens have developed after their run on RuPaul’s Drag Race is We’re Here. In the show, our queens help their “drag daughters” by teaching them how to step outside their comfort zones. Think Queer Eye but better!

4. Keeping in Touch

Pandora Boxx’s Cameo

We LOVE it when Queens keep in touch with their fans and are accessible. 2020 has made it tough to meet and greet our favorite Queens but Cameo is a great solution. Many of our All Stars are on Cameo and will provide a personalized video from your favorite Queen. They also make great gifts! ❤ In some Cameos you are even able to request a meeting. Yes, these Cameos are not free BUT it takes a lot of money to look this cheap, darling! It has been a rough year for our Queens too and we need to support each other.

5. Cameos! (Real Ones)

We see our All Stars everyone in entertainment. They have made appearances in movies and television and it is always a welcome surprise when they do. We have seen them in Broad City, Search Party and so many music video. One of the most iconic performances is the cameos of Trinity K. Bonet and A’Keria Chanel Davenport in ‘You Need to Calm Down’ by Taylor Swift. While Taylor Swift is a polarizing artist (not sure why), we do love the exposure that she gave to our favorite girls. We think that it’s only because of our girls that she won Music Video of the Year for 2019.

6. Books!

Silky’s Cocktails for a Queen

Our All Stars are in all forms of media, even in books! Crazy, right? The only thing that is better than a book, is a cocktail book. Silky Nutmeg Ganache’s ‘Cocktails for a Queen’ book promises to provide only the best in mixology recipes. You might think that she may not know a lot about the art, but you’ll be surprised to hear that she, herself, is a mixologist. Also, this book has a lot of collaborators including: Akeria Davenport, Raja O’Hara, Scarlet Envy, Jiggly Caliente, Serena ChaCha, Kylie Sonique, Jan, Yara Sophia, Trinity K Bonet, Pandora Boxx, and Ginger Minj. That’s a lot of All Star power.

7. Merch!


Some of our Queens are truly marketing geniuses. They can take a success, a failure, or a random moment in Drag Race Herstory and turn it into great merch. We live for it! Not every Queen gets the Drag Race Crown, but every Queens does win Drag Race. Sometimes, the marketing that the Queens are able to execute after they sashay away is worth more than the crown itself. We all remember the face crack of the century and, thanks to Jan’s ability to laugh at herself, we get to wear that moment ❤

8. Collaborations

Our Queens know to get that coin and they are always able to find new products and brands that match their personality. We love that our Queens are also business savvy. Not only do they inspire us with empowerment and self love, but they also teach us how to operate in the business world. We have had Queens become the spokespeople for all types of brands from Coca Cola to Cosmetics to Mental Health campaigns. We can’t wait until we have the first Drag Queen president!

9. Let the best Drag Queen Win!

Red Lipstick

Now its time to watch the season! If you really want have a great watch party with your friends, we recommend you buy some party favor lipsticks and have your friends vote for the queen that should be eliminated. At the end of the night, make sure to dramatically count the lipsticks and see if you agree with the RuGirls. Always remember that drag is meant to be fun! So make sure you have fun watching the season, and give nothing but love to all our Queens ❤

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